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Set of 350 pieces silver tableware.

50 silver-rimmed plastic plates, 50 silver-rimmed dessert plates, 50 silver plastic cups, 50 silver linen-like paper napkins, 50 plastic forks, 50 plastic spoons, 50 plastic knives

White & Silver 50 Guest Set of Table Ware

SKU: 1001
White and Silver: White
    • The silver tableware set is safe for you and your guests The disposable tableware set is made of 100% food grade plastic, BPA free. Sturdy dinner plates and salad dishes offer reliable strength and durability, ensuring they don't scratch or break easily.
    • Ideal for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, formal dinners, birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, festivals, picnics, catering events and all occasions. Enjoy your event without having to worry about the clutter after the party
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